About us

Yuvi was established in 2017 by Suki, a British-Indian designer and artisan living and travelling between London and Java. She began working life as a lawyer in Harrow, England before becoming a mother and pursuing her passion for handmade leather craftsmanship.

Yuvi is Suki’s 4-year old son and a constant source of inspiration, love and laughter. Yuvi is short for Yuvraj, a name from ancient Sanskrit texts meaning Crown Prince.

The quest to craft exceptional bags of functional, intricate, geometric designs began 5 years ago.  Various artisans struggled with the level of complexity and product integrity required, and so began the long journey of gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to craft bespoke bags by hand. Every element of the process was thoroughly researched and the skills diligently acquired. From picking high quality materials (leather and responsibly sourced exotic skins) to cutting, stitching, painting and engraving.

Over the years there have been many from the local community that have joined the journey. Each item is carefully crafted by working closely with different organisations and individuals. Our team is made up of people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds. We also encourage people with disabilities to participate and develop their creative potential and be part of our diverse team.

We currently support several causes, namely the World Wide Fund for animals (WWF) and schools for children with Down syndrome. We are committed to supporting these organisations as well as the local community in which we operate for the long term.

Our bespoke handmade products

Each item designed is born from the fusion of Suki’s British-Indian heritage and the vibrant Javanese and Balinese influences of her team.

Each item is hand made by artisans who are not only passionate about their craft but who also put their heart and soul into creating each piece. Every item reflects the spirit of the artisan as well as the incredible precision and skill required to make each piece. The intricacy involved in the constructing of our sculptural shapes requires considerable dedication and adds a dimension of individuality. Due to this commitment our items are all one-of-a-kind.

We can also help to bring your designs to life with our bespoke service. This gives you the option to either completely design your own item or personalise our designs by choosing the size, colour and materials.

We aim to craft a product where you will feel the love, care and attention which has been put into creating each piece. This can only be felt from a hand made product.

We hope our timeless and treasured items will give you many years of joy and we thank you for sharing our passion.