Duabelas – The Inspiration

Duabelas is the number twelve in bahasa Indonesia and is the inspiration for our unique, innovative 12-sided bag. It reflects the significance and fascination that this number has across various cultures throughout the world.

The number 12 is an expression of life and consciousness. It represents everything that is either whole or complete. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe. It’s undeniable cosmic significance is a measure of time itself, describing the length of our equatorial days and nights.

All of the major religions of the world recognise its symbolism. There are the twelve Christian apostles, the twelve tribes of Israel, twelve Buddhist stations of life, twelve heavenly Zoroastrian Gods and the twelve Imams of Islam. The Greeks had twelve major Olympian gods, later evolving into the Dii Consentes of the Romans. Much of heavenly life revolves around the twelve cosmic points.

The Yuvi Duabelas collection was born from a design philosophy built on strength, order and inspiration. We wanted a bag that you could rely on and could become central to your everyday needs, yet filling you with wonder every-time you and others admire it’s intricate, geometric lines.

We have focussed on shape and structure creating striking pieces of art which you will want to display as well as carry. Our bags are precious examples of our creativity and craft at its finest.

We hope the the Yuvi Duabelas Collection and its colourful, playful variations bring you as much joy over the years as we have had in designing and making them.