Hathi – The Inspiration

The Hathi (elephant) motif adorns the front of the bag. This motif was inspired by the Asian elephant which is an important cultural icon in Asia.

According to Hindu mythology, the Gods and the Demons churned the oceans in search of the elixir of life so that they would become immortal. As they did so, nine jewels surfaced, one of which was the hathi. The elephant is therefore considered absolutely precious and to be preserved and protected. The elephant head also symbolises great intellect and wisdom, with Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed deity, honoured before sacred rituals as the remover of obstacles.

The Hathi Duabelas bag captures the spirit and ethos of our brand. Each hand-crafted piece contains the remarkable skill and wisdom of the artisan. We do not mass produce and so each item is rare and precious, designed to give you many years of service. The Hathi is to be cherished and will mark you out as an individual with good judgement and respect.


The Asian elephant is now an endangered species, largely due to poaching, conflict and habitat destruction. For each Hathi Bag sold a donation will be made to the WWF to help animals on the endangered species list.