Singa – The Inspiration

The Singa (lion) motif which adorns the front of the bag is inspired by the Asiatic lion (Indian lion) which can only be found in the Gir Forest of Gujarat, India. The Indian lion is recognised for its wild power and majestic charm as well as being a symbol of strength, courage and leadership.

Since ancient times, lion statues have adorned temples in India. In Hinduism lions are associated with Gods and Goddesses. Narasimha (Narasingh or Narasinga – man-lion) is described as an avatar of Vishnu within Puranic texts of Hinduism and is worshipped as the “Lion God”. Thus, Asiatic lions are considered sacred by many Hindus. Sikh men around the world have also adopted Singh as a middle name which forms part of their identity signifying that they belong to the Khalsa, the world-wide Sikh community.

The Singa Duabelas bag portrays a sense of history, charisma and wild adventure. We take pride in skilfully hand crafting only a limited number of pieces and thus maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of each Singa item, allowing you to look and feel like royalty in the urban jungle.

The Asiatic lion has just recovered from the brink of extinction and is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. For each Singa bag sold a donation will be made to the WWF to help animals on the endangered species list.